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Components, and the order in which they are / will be completed

1: MathML DOM
Core component, this is an implementation of the w3c recommended mathml DOM specification, 95% complete

2: MathML Rendering Control
Component to visually display mathml, 90% complete

3: Add editing capabilities to Rendering Control
This will entail creating new area types that allow user input, and these will update the underlying mathml dom, 0% complete

4: Create main application framework and GUI
Creation of the main application, and the various input and display windows, 0% complete

5: Create user scriptable components (output windows, surface plots, etc...)
Expose various parts of the app, and the mathml dom to the scriptlets the user enters in the main input window, 0% complete

6: Integrate script interpreters (,, etc...)
Integrate dynamic script compilation, this will be done using the various .net code providers, such as 25% complete

7: Create MathML to Intermediate Language compiler
As mthml (at least content markup) provides full semantic information as to what an equation is supposed to do, and since mathml is already in a parse tree format, I will create a compiler that will generate IL from a mathml DOM, and create a dynamic assembly from this IL. This new assembly will be loaded, and will just be another user scriptable object, 0% complete.